If you’re still in the process of planning a window replacement project, or if you’re unsure whether your windows are in need of repair, then take the time to consider the following information:

Avoid Making Assumptions
In the past, many homeowners have had to deal with expensive do-overs and
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Their first mistake was to assume that all window contractors know precisely how to properly install a window assembly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not all companies have the same level of experience or skills required to properly do a window installation. In fact, smaller companies tend to specialize in working window types or have limited experience in doing so. This can be seen as either a good or bad thing. Unless you know exactly what should be done for your home, it can be difficult to evaluate your choices.

The second and most common assumption is that there’s no need to double check a contractor’s credentials. No matter how professional a company may sound, always make sure that they’re telling the truth. Feedback from their prior customers can help you decide whether or not their particular style of doing things will work for you and reports from your Local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau will show whether or not they’re legitimate. *For more details, read our article on the things you should consider when selecting a window company.
Planning With Your HOA
In considering a window replacement project, take the time to speak with your Home Owners Association. It will do you good to learn about the by-laws set by the governing board as well as listen to their recommendations. Talking to your HOA will help prevent expensive delays, and may even help you find a good contractor.

Jeopardizing Your Home Sale
Along with taking the time to plan out your project and ensure compliance to by-laws, it’s also a good idea to consider the potential impact that your new window installation may have on your home’s market value.

Although you may not be planning to sell your home any time soon, it always pays to consider what effect any changes will have, like if it will hinder the sale of your home, provide very little to no return investment or prove to be sub-standard in the long run. Home improvement projects are one of the things wherein homeowners stand to lose their hard-earned money very quickly.